Friday – Inspiration Day

Thomas Rainer – Bringing Nature into the city

Konsertsalen September 8, 2017 13.00 - 14.10

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Thomas Rainer

Cities are often thought of as the antithesis of nature, but among every weed patch, a dynamic natural system exists. A new way of thinking is emerging. It does not seek nature in remote mountain tops, but finds it instead in the midst of our cities and suburbs. It looks at our degraded built landscapes with unjaded eyes, seeing the archipelago of leftover land not as useless remnants, but as territories of vast potential. Join landscape architect and writer Thomas Rainer to explore the new hybrid of urban and natural, horticulture and ecology. The talk will explore a range of strategies, from working with spontaneous vegetation to using long-lived perennials to maximize the ecosystem services and beauty of urban plantings.