Saturday – Learning Day

Nigel Dunnet – Future Nature: Wet. Rain-gardens and water-sensitive design

Konsertsalen September 9, 2017 09.00 - 10.15

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Nigel Dunnett

The use of landscape-led approaches to stormwater management provides one of the most exciting potential applications of new planting design models.  Unfortunately, many examples of water-sensitive design are dominated by functional and engineering considerations, and the vegetation element is given little detailed consideration, or is considered for its ecological quality only.  However, rain gardens, bioswales, and other vegetated features have the potential to be both beautiful and beneficial.  The fact that diverse perennial vegetation has been shown to be more efficient at stormwater attenuation than the usual low-diversity plantings, provides a strong argument for high quality vegetation design.  In this presentation, Nigel shows how water-senstive design can bring diverse and dynamic plantings into the most urban of contexts: streets, highways, sidewalks, car parks, as well as more traditional greenspace, parks and gardens.  He highlights, with several of his own projects, how innovative plantings can be integrated into these engineered features.