There is thought behind the order of sessions in the 2017 Urban Growth schedule. Each day has a main theme: Inspiration – Learning – Doing. In this order, we, the organizers and the speakers, want to equip you with the motivation, understanding and knowledge to work sustainably with perennials in urban spaces.

The Friday lineup latches onto the main message of Urban Growth – creating useful and beautiful perennial spaces. With four inspirational and educational sessions touching on diverse topics such as plant design, ecology and city planning, we will begin the journey toward “perennial plantings beyond nature”.

Saturday’s sessions deepen our understanding of natural ecosystems and how these correlate with man-made ecosystems in cities and gardens; an essential tool for creating sustainable plantings. We will also learn how park areas can be converted into woodlands to increase biodiversity and reduce maintenance cost.

Sunday delivers real-life examples of how one can work with perennials in parks, streets and gardens. There are also educational sessions on promoting the biodiversity of both flora and fauna in perennial plantings. Rounding things off, we are presented with a very important experience-based talk on the life-expectancy of perennial plantings.

The program might be adjusted prior to the conference.

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